Best Sleep Positions For Better Health

Better sleeping positions help a lot in attaining sound sleep and avoiding many health issues that may arise due to wrong sleeping positions. There are multiple health issues related to sleeping positions. Your sleep position not only affects the comfort and convenience with which you want to enjoy your good night’s sleep, but it may also have severe impacts on your health. Wrong sleeping positions may give you back, neck, or shoulder ache that can sometimes be extremely painful and intolerant. Some people love to stick to their favorite sleeping positions, while others regularly change their sleeping positions while in bed. Both habits are healthy if you have adopted a better and healthy sleeping position. Everyone should know how their sleeping positions affect their health and comfort in bed. People should try to understand which sleeping position is best for them and their long-term impacts on their health. If you are a side sleeper, you must know which the best side to sleep on for you is, and if you sleep on your stomach, you must know all the merits and demerits of sleeping on the stomach. Here we will be discussing a few best sleep positions for getting a sound sleep and better health.

Sleeping on Back

Sleeping on your back with your head elevated with a less heightened pillow is considered the best sleeping position worldwide. Researchers believe that this is the best sleeping position for avoiding back and neck pain since your whole body is a neutral position in this condition. There are many health benefits of sleeping on your back but with a down pillow. Using a high pillow or a tough mattress can make your back or neck pains worse or cause new aches in the shoulders or neck. Before choosing a pillow, make sure that your head, spine, and neck must be in a neutral position after laying your head on that pillow so you may not have to experience shoulder or neck pain. For heartburn problems, this position is considered to be the best sleeping position by researchers.

Sleeping on Side

Side sleepers may already know that this is another best position to sleep because it has many advantages to sleepers’ good health. Again, you have to take care of a few things, such as the density of the mattress and the pillow’s softness and height. The softer is your pillow, the more relaxed your neck will be while sleeping, and it will avoid neck ache. The best side to sleep on is your right side, as it is best for your heart. It is the best sleeping position for people who snore. A study about sleeping positions reveals that our body removes the brain waste while asleep, and sleep scientists suggest that sleeping on your right side does this function more efficiently. Brain waste is removed more efficiently while a person is sleeping on his right side, so this is considered the best sleeping position for brain development and waste removal.

Best Sleep Positions For Better Health
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